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Grace Under Pressure...Social Skill Building

About Us

The Swan Insitute, LLC; was founded in 2005 to serve as a parent organization for multiple activities to help people actualize their dreams and live to their greatest potential.

Organization's Mission is to create positive change and transformation for the lives of individuals, their relationships and groups.

Dr. Valerie Stewart, Founder

Dr. Stewart received her Ph.D. at the age of 26 in social psychology with an emphasis on how people use their minds to think about others.  She wrote for major family publications in Los Angeles, appearing in numerous TV and radio interviews.  At one time on the faculty at UCLA, she continues to publish many professional papers in medical journals about the importance of physician communication and positive relationships with patients.  She currently teaches and does research on transformational behaviors.  One of the things few people know is that she is also a Certified Laugh Therapist.  Developing and maintaining a positive life condition is a primary focus.  Many people who have worked with Dr. Stewart have gone on to achieve their dreams, sometimes surprising themselves by what they achieved. 

Sara Eksuzian, Director of Outreach & Education

Sara Eksuzian is the director of outreach & education for the Swan Institute.  She received her M.S. in conflict resolution in June 2010.  Her undergraduate degree is in psychology, and she has worked on many research related projects with Dr. Stewart over the last six years.  She loves to practice yoga, ride her bike, dance, and take any opportunity to experience the outdoors!

Larry William, Manager 

Larry William currently manages all appointments and office needs.  He is a practitioner of yoga and has studied martial arts.  He is also devoted to regular meditation and chanting practices which he has done for over 20 years.   He has worked in health care in oxygen supply and durable medical equipment.  He has also been a phlebotomist--a person who draws your blood!    If you call for an appointment at the Swan Institute, it is likely you will get to know Larry.

Merle Dull, Accountant

Merle Dull serves as a financial consultant and business systems expert.  She is originally from Maui and has over 15 years of experience in tax preparation, account management and financial controls.